About us

Bob and Linda Deverell are qualified Hypnotherapists, Spirit Release Therapists and Certified Teachers and Representatives of The Hickman Academy. Having lived and travelled extensively all over the world they returned to the U.K. They have carried out thousands of Remote Spirit Releasements for clients all over the world. After studying with Dr. Irene Hickman they were privileged to be given the opportunity to further her pioneering work. It is an ongoing and ever widening field.
Previously the presence of Spirit Attachment was scientifically unproven. Now however, the field of Modern Science and Technology and Quantum Physics are substantiating that psychic entities do exist and can influence our lives. Strong emotional states, such as fear, anger or grief appear to weaken the human Aura leaving it open for any negative interference or entity intrusion. Also when a person''s resistance is low, such as when under the influence of alcohol, drugs or when involved in an accident or under an anaesthetic. There are many different entities and other attachments that can have a strong negative effect on our lives.
Each attachment needs a different method of release.
The work is a safe, loving and sure method of dealing with all attachments.
Once in their appropriate place in the Light they never return. (Why would they?)