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Hi, thank you for coming on our website.

We sometimes have people asking us why there is a charge for our work as we don’t really do the work our Universal Helpers do it.
You can read an explanation in our F.A.Q. on this website but we would like to add something to it.
Our charges are kept very reasonable in comparison with other therapists if you go and have a look and compare. Our aim has always been to reach all people who need our help and not just those with lots of money.
With the credit crash we have not increased our price and in fact, our prices have been the same for a few years now. We have just, this year, increased the main scan of Spirit Release by 5 pounds for a person and the same for premises.
We are here to help as many people as we can with our special work and are so thankful to the Universe for having chosen us to do so.
The Universe has placed us in a position so that we can do this work; we have no mortgage, or children who go to school, or huge overheads to pay. Linda has been ‘told’ to do only one main scan per day and so we do that, if we are lucky, 5 days a week. All of us need some income to pay our bills and put food on the table and we charge as little as possible to sustain that. That is the only way this kind of Alternative Healing can be done.
We hope that with this extra explanation we have answered your questions.
We like to add a client’s remarks after having done a Spirit Release scan for her.
Her request came via our website and she only filled in the form, we had no further information.
After Linda was induced into a relaxed state this is what she found.
There was a problem in the left hand side of the body in the lung area.
Linda said that it was a male earthbound spirit and it was connected to a residual negative karma that M. had brought into this life with her. The lost soul needed to be released and it was also appropriate to release this particular negative karma from all souls involved.
After the releasement a general physical and spiritual healing, grounding and balancing M. in this world would be very beneficial.

Addressing the earthbound spirit the man said that his name was Oliver. He was a very bitter individual. He said that he knew exactly where he was and whom he was with. He was out for revenge and was doing his best to destroy her life. He did not want to talk about his reasons, but eventually he explained that his son had been ill with a high fever and he called for a doctor. M. had been that doctor in that lifetime and he was adamant that she had ‘messed up’ and his son had died because of that. He blamed himself for trusting a woman. He was distraught and placed a curse on the woman. Sometime later there was a fire and all of his family, including himself had perished. He again blamed their ill fortune on this woman. He found himself in the dark and sought out the doctor to get his revenge through that lifetime and into this one. He said that he had managed to attach himself to her and would never give up. He said that he was 60 years old when the fire occurred.
I tried to explain that this curse had gone on long enough and it was time to end it and for him to find his family. He still refused to leave and was determined to continue. I asked about his burns and he said that it was something he had to endure as part of his own punishment. I assured him that he had endured enough and at least offered to ask for his pain to be released and for him to perhaps see his family again without him being forced to do anything against his free will. He warily agreed to this and I called upon the light to surround Oliver to give him healing, love and warmth. It took several minutes for Oliver to calm down in the loving energy of the light. He was amazed that all of his physical pain had left him and the calming energy of the light. I then called upon someone to come to Oliver to explain where he was and to give him the option to stay with them. Oliver’s family had been waiting in the ‘wings’ to be called, including the son who had died, and they came to him. It was a happy, but tearful reunion. After a long conversation between them Oliver said that it had gone on long enough and wanted to stay with his family. He apologised for being such a fool and a grumpy old man and was happy for the curse to be lifted from M. I explained that we would do this with all of the family and any other souls involved in a moment. After checking his family’s authenticity and that Oliver was clear of any negative attachments he happily left to the light with his family.

This is what M. wrote to us.
Dear Bob and Linda,
From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your loving and extraordinary spiritual work. I am so grateful for all, that you, and your beautiful spiritual helpers, have done for me and all the parties involved.
Of course it was emotionally a lot to take in and digest. Nevertheless your report cleared so many things up for me that I can’t even find the words to tell you how much this means to me. I don’t know how many times I have said that my life felt like it was cursed, and I am not sure why I didn’t act on this feeling before now. I’m wondering if that could perhaps have saved me, my parents and Oliver and his family a lot of pain and agony. At the same time I feel, that this is not up to me to judge, and I am confident, that our higher spirits and Father Mother God always have our best interest at heart, and I am just so grateful that the time had come when it was possible to release, forgive and set us free to enjoy the fruits of all the valuable experiences and wisdom, that these circumstances had to offer.
I am now looking forward to my life without the constant fear of the next tragedy or accident and the feeling of going uphill almost all of the time. At the same time, when looking back, I’m happy to see that my spirituality and my loving parents brought me the courage and power to keep on going and always try to turn all the turmoil and hardship around to make something good of the difficult circumstances. But I must admit, that lately I have felt, that I was at the end of my rope feeling more and more possessed with anger and thinking, that it was impossible for me to carry on living this way.
I really feel that you have come to my rescue, and I can never thank you enough for that!
Regarding my problematic sleeping pattern I’m now able to enjoy a full night’s sleep with the most beautiful dreams, and the depressions and anxiety and nightmares that made me wake up each night have completely disappeared. I am sure, that my health situation will improve with the beautiful healing I am receiving, and now that I am getting a wonderful rejuvenating sleep at night. I’m also experiencing an improvement in my energy levels as well as in psychological- and physical strength and stamina. I am very much at peace with myself.
Now I can slowly begin to do normal things and hopefully take part in social events and find some new friends. Almost all my relationships both family and friends have disappeared in one way or another, except my dear father who has endured this lifelong nightmare, and we have been living together in the countryside close to nature, since my mother passed away.
Many hugs and love, M.

Hi Linda and Bob,

Got up this morning feeling joyful and I felt the urge to write to both of you to express my gratitude. Not only has your work has had an impact on my life, it is the energy and intention from both of you, as well as my own internal hard work, has my life set into motion. I have my ups and downs and still feel sensitive and emotional at times but I have strength now to deal with negativity. Your work has provided comfort to many people and it is done with conviction. Please give Bob a big hug and a warm thank you as well.

Love J.

Dear Bob and Linda,

The first thing that my wife and I want to say is Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The work that you and Linda do for people is amazing. You and Linda in my eyes are seen as 'Shamans' of the new millennium. I swear I have seen healers however nothing this sophisticated. You guys are the tip of the spear in spiritual healing and I am forever grateful for your services. Thank you!

As for my wife, her releasement was on Thursday and she mentioned that she felt an unusual calm throughout the day with slight body aches, and a headache before going to sleep. However she did mention that she still felt she was bothered however not as heavy as before. Today she stated that she felt a void and I told her it was part of the healing process. Other than that all seems well.

As for me I can't really give any feed back because I had my heart attack (HA) on Sunday and my releasement took place the following day Monday morning. Of course my recovery may skew any observation however, one thing is for sure, knowing that you released 15 DFE's and 2 entities made me feel so relieved that I felt a weight off my shoulder. The doctors could not believe that I was so young to experience a HA moreover, recovering rapidly the way I did. Of course I could not tell the doctor about the releasement therapy, LOL! Thank you Bob and Linda….

As for the overall wellbeing of the family we are still kind of shaken up. After I mentioned that I hired two healers named Bob and Linda and how much faith I have in the two healers, the kids feel so much at ease now. They said to tell Bob and Linda Thank you!

Peace and Love, Mr. J. L. From Arizona.

Hi Bob and Linda,
Just a quick email to say thanks for my scans, but mainly to send you a BIG THANK YOU for the healing sent to my sister who is currently overseas. I wanted to update you with what has been going on since I last sent you that urgent email last month. Well, basically, I continued to release my own "stuff" around the situation and then you also sent the distant healing. Well, I am very happy to report that 2 days after her desperate messages she then sent me one telling me how much better and lighter she felt! Not only that, she has also since become inspired to start her own travelling blog and is a lot more focused and happy! What a turn around!
Anyway, I just thought it would be nice to share that with you. It really does show you how unbelievably powerful releasing and healing actually is!
Thanks again, R.